DIY Upcycled Tin Container Solar Light Display


Happy Wednesday! I hope that you are all doing well. Today we're working on an upcycled project using a tin can, solar light, and a few other materials. 

Video tutorial 


One tin can-If you have a tin can around your house, this project is perfect to reuse your tin can.  I'm using a Wasabi tin can

Paint- I'm using black chalk paint

One paint brush

Butterfly stickers- Purchased at Dollar Tree (I am using pop-up stickers, and they are not waterproof. My display is being displayed on a screened in porch. Other options are vinyl stickers, or another material that may be waterproof.

Faux succulents- They have a variety at the Dollar tree, and also at Walmart. I purchased my succulents from a few different stores

Hot glue

One solar light-Purchased at Dollar Tree


Optional- Craft rocks or marbles- This can be placed on the inside of your tin can, to help weigh it down.
Floral snips

Take some of your black chalk paint, and apply it onto your tin can.  For complete coverage you will need to apply around three coats of paint to your tin can.  Set your tin can aside, and allow it to fully dry. 
If you would like, you can use a blow dryer on the lowest setting, and dry your paint between coats. Be sure that if you're holding your can that you protect your hand with either an oven mitt, or towel. The tin can get very hot. 

Next, using your scissors, create a small hole in the middle of the lid. You want the hole to be just large enough for the solar light stake to fit through. Once you have done so, set your lid aside.

After, take your hot glue, and add just a little on the back side of each butterfly that you add to your tin can. Even though the butterflies have a sticky backing to them, I wanted to be sure to add some extra adhesive. 

Now you are ready to start gluing on your succulent flowers. Glue your succulent flowers around the outer section of the hole. Be sure to leave enough room for when you insert your light.

This is optional, but if you have any craft rocks, or marbles, you can add them on the inside of your tin can. This helps to weigh the can down. I added in a few craft rocks after gluing my succulents. 

Note***If you are using butterfly stickers like I did, I would recommend displaying your solar light display on a porch that gets enough sunlight, but is not near any water since the butterflies are not waterproof. 
But you can use vinyl stickers, or another material for your butterflies that can be in all elements. I decided to use the pop-up stickers since I am displaying my solar light in a screened in porch.

Your solar light display is complete. I hope you have enjoyed creating this upcycled craft. Be sure to leave a comment below, and let me know if you will be creating your very own. I'll see you soon.



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