Three Simple Hanging Shelf Decorating Ideas.- Decorate With Me


Hi everyone! Lately, I have been changing up my decor on my hanging shelves in my home, and I wanted to share these quick, and easy decorative ideas with all of you. A lot of my decorations included are very affordable, and you can easily create these on your own. 

Decorating Idea #1

This first decorating idea uses one decorative bowl. I actually picked up this wood bowl at World Market. I absolutely loved the design on the inside of the bowl.

I am also using this beautiful framed art. This was actually my inspiration for all three designs. I picked this art piece up at my local Dollar tree. It's beautiful, and quite inspiring! 

I picked up this mini tree in a clay pot at my local Target store. It was in the dollar aisle, and I have used it a lot when decorating trays, and other home projects.

-Decorative wooden beads. - I used some wooden beads, and stretch cord. And I used one red flower. I actually had this red flower left over from a previous craft, and I didn't want it going to waste.

Start with placing your framed art on your shelf. For each of my decorating ideas, I decided to place my art in the center. 
Next, take your decorative bowl, and add in your red flower into your bowl.

 Last, take your potted plant and place it on the opposite side of your art. Take your wooden beads, and lay them across your clay pot.

Decorating Idea #2

For this decorating idea I used 

one potted green plant with a darker pot
Frame art
One mini candle
One scented vanilla candle with whole bean coffee, and glass jar.

I loved the darker tones for this display. I ended up using a glass jar, and filling it with whole bean coffee, and a vanilla scented candle. I love how it looks, and did I mention that it smells wonderful?! 

Decorating Idea # 3

For this decorating idea I used a few succulents, and a few tiny white flowers. I actually picked those up at my local Walmart. 
I decided to reuse my mini rose pot that I received as a gift.
 I wanted a little more gold in this design, so I picked up this gold candle holder at my local Walmart. And I also used a plant in a white pot. The pot has a little design to it, and I thought it was perfect for the set up. 

Do you have any hanging shelves in your home? If so, do you like decorating them with plants? I'd love to hear from you. Let me know how you decorate your hanging shelves. 

DIY Cute Mini Side Tables

 Hi everyone! I am so happy that you decided to stop by. Today we will create these cute mini side tables. I have two daughters, and they wanted mini side tables in their bedrooms. My oldest wanted one so that she could place her favorite book, and reading lamp near her bed. This project is pretty  hands on. If you're ready let's begin creating our mini side tables.

Materials needed for the project

Two precut wood circles 

$8.58 each at Lowes


You can use any color. You can go with stain, or paint. I was using Valspar white paint, and a few fun colors.

Two packs of Poplar Dowels 3/4'' x 12''

$3.30 -Each pack comes with 4 dowels or you can buy the 8 pack. They did not have the 8 pack in when I was shopping.


I used a total of eight screws


I used E6000 glue for this project


You will need this for drilling pilot holes into your dowels, and drilling through the table

Paint brush, sponge brush, or roller

Painters tape

Creating your table

Begin with painting your precut wood circles. I painted my table tops white. I painted the tops, and around the table top. You will need around three coats of paint when you are finished. Be sure to allow your tabletops to fully dry. 

While your precut wood circles are drying, you can move on to painting your dowels. Be sure to apply some painters tape if you decide to paint your dowels two different colors. I decided to paint one set of dowels white, and blue. And the other set white, and purple. Just like the table top, you will need about 2-3 coats of paint. 

Once you have finished painting your dowels set your dowels aside, and allow them to dry.

Once your dowels are dry you can start working on attaching  them to the table top

Steps on attaching your dowels onto your table top

 First start by marking your precut circle table top with the locations for your legs. We used a speed square when making these marks. Next, drill pilot holes into each dowel and through the table top. This is to help to prevent any cracks or splitting.

Next, drill a hole on the top surface of the table top slightly larger than the head of the screws about 1/16 inch deep, so that the screw heads can sit flush with the tabletop.

Insert the screws through the table top until they are slightly poking through the bottom.

Apply glue to the tops of the legs, and then take each leg with the glue on, and begin to screw the screw in the rest of the way through the the table top, and through the dowel. 

Once you have attached your legs to your table top, take some paint and paint over your screws. If don't want your screws to show you can use some wood putty, and gently sand the putty once it has dried. If you end up applying wood putty, be sure to paint over the putty once you have sanded it smooth. This should help minimize the screws appearance. 

Final touches

I mention in my video that I was thinking of using stencils. I decided not to use stencils on the table tops. My 10 year old daughter just wanted a blend of white, and blue for her table. She wanted her table to resemble the sky, and my 7 year old wanted a white table top with purple polka- dots. I used a round sponge brush to create the dots. That was pretty much it, I did a few touch ups on the legs, and it was all done. My daughters were pretty excited to have these mini tables placed in their rooms. 

This table is perfect for any space. I hope that you have enjoyed this mini side table DIY project. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I love hearing from all of you. 

I'll see you soon!


Fun Halloween Canvas Art With Mini Lights


Hi guys! I wanted to work on a craft with my daughters, and figured since it was getting close to Halloween, it would be fun to work on some canvas art together. They love to paint, and really show some creativity.  This craft is perfect to work on with your children, or you can create this on your own. For this craft you only need a few materials. If you decide to create this craft with your children, please be sure to to supervise when using scissors, and the adhesive. (If you do use hot glue for this project, parents be sure that you are the one using the hot glue since it can be very hot)

Materials needed for your canvas Halloween art

Glitter Branches

Purchased at Michaels

We are using orange, and purple for this craft


You can use any color

Mini LED wire lights

We are using orange, and green lights

Any Halloween Decorations

We used a witch hat, a glitter black cat, wooden pumpkin, and a wooden cat

All of our decorations came from our local Michaels store

A pack of craft googly eyes

Two Canvases

I was able to find a 2-pack that was discounted

Purchased at Michaels 

You will need: sponge brushes, or paint brushes, adhesive- you can use any adhesive.

Optional hot glue 

As mentioned above (If you do use hot glue for this project, and children are present during this craft, parents be sure that you are the one using the hot glue since it can be very hot)

Creating your Halloween canvas art

Start off with painting your canvas. If  you are using two colors, you can combine your paint colors. My oldest combined a blue, and pink. My youngest used blue, and purple for her canvas. 

Paint the front, top, bottom, and sides of your canvas.  Once you are finished painting your canvas, set it aside, and allow it to dry.

While your canvas is drying, take any decorations that need paint, and add paint to them. Be sure to allow them to dry when you are done.

Once everything is dry, you can start gluing on your decorations. Take some adhesive, and glue them onto your canvas. For this you can use any all purpose craft adhesive. 

Using some scissors, clip your glitter branches to the size that you want on your canvas. Get creative with your branches, and add them onto your canvas. 

Next, take your googly eyes, and add them to your canvas. This is completely optional. 

Now we are ready to take our LED wire lights and add them to our canvas.  When adding your lights to your canvas, you can add a little bit of hot glue to keep them in place. If you are using hot glue, please be very careful when working with this around children. 

Get creative, and add your lights around your branches, and other decorations on your canvas. 

Your canvas Halloween art is now complete! You can display this fun art in any room.  We love how it turned out, and my girls love turning on the LED lights on in their room. I hope that you have enjoyed this fun, hands on craft. 


DIY Hanging Flower Decoration


Hi guys! Today I'm going to take you through a fun DIY project. We're going to create a hanging flower decoration. This project is perfect for displaying some flowers on your wall. You will only need a few materials. So if you're ready, let's begin!

Materials needed for this project

Two wooden hexagon 6'' x 5'' shadow boxes
(Purchased at Michaels) 

$1.00 each

Floral bunch
(purchased at Michaels)
(I am using the pink hanging hydrangea bush)


Green vine
(purchased at Target at the Dollar spot)


(I'm using mocha)

Hot glue and scissors

Start off with staining your two wooden shadow boxes. Be sure to move to a well ventilated area when applying your stain. I applied two coats of stain onto my boxes. I made sure to stain the front, and back of my wooden boxes.  Before moving on, make sure that your shadow boxes are completely dry. 

Once your shadow boxes are completely dry, you are now ready to start adding on your floral, and vine. Using some scissors, or wire cutters, cut off the amount you will want to hang out of your shadow box. Be sure to cut longer strands if you are wanting your flowers to hang lower. 

Using some hot glue start adding your vine. Once you add your vines, and can add your floral. I took a few flowers, and glued them over any stems that were showing. By adding a few flowers over the stems I was able to conceal them. 

 I went with the hydrangea bush because I love how it hangs down, and I thought it would be a perfect fit for my boxes along with the green vine. You can add just about any flower design to your box. You could easily go with succulents, roses, or any other flowy flower design. This DIY project can also be added to an outdoor space, or used as an add-on to other projects.   

Once you have added your floral and vine to your boxes, your project is now complete! This DIY project takes about 20 minutes. All that is left is to hang your beautiful flower display. I added my wooden boxes in my bedroom on my wall.  I hope that you have enjoyed this simple project. 

I'd love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below if you'll be creating your very own, and if you have any questions, please feel free and ask away! I'll see you soon.


Easy Decorative Tray With Round Legs. -Build and Decorate

Be sure to watch on YouTube!

 Hi guys! Let's create this simple decorative wooden tray with round legs. I recently took a trip to my local Michael's store to see what I could find for creating a decorative tray for my sister who currently lives in Hawaii. I was excited to find quite a few options, but I decided to go with this. It was such an easy DIY project, and took very little time. 

Materials needed for this

- One pack of wooden doll heads. - $4.49

-One Wooden plaque. - $6.49

-Sponge brush

-E6000 Adhesive

-Wood Stain (I used Mocha for my stain) 

Creating your tray

Begin with moving to a well ventilated area. Place a bag, or tarp over your work space. This will help protect your work area from accidental spills, or splatters when you begin to stain your tray, and tray legs.  Start off with staining your wooden plaque. Apply the stain on the front, sides, and bottom. You will want to completely cover your plaque with the stain. Once that is finished, set it aside and allow it to dry. 

Take your wooden doll heads, and repeat this step. Apply stain on all four wooden doll heads. Once you have done this, set it aside and allow for the doll heads to completely dry. 

Once everything is dry, flip your plaque over, and apply some glue on the bottom surface of your wooden doll heads. Place them onto your plaque. You will continue this step until all four wooden doll heads are added onto the bottom of  your plaque.  Set your tray aside, and allow the glue to completely dry. Once the glue is completely dry, you can now start to add on your decorations.

I wanted to show my sister how her tray would look when it was finished. I added a few Autumn decorations onto the tray. 

Just a few ideas for your tray

You can add mini lights, greenery, an LED candle, and some cute framed art.  

You can add an autumn garland, scarecrow, and a mini pumpkin, and fall decorative lights.

Anything can be added to your tray, and I love that you can decorate your tray to match the current season. Have fun with it, and explore different design styles. 

I hope that you all have enjoyed this simple DIY project that is perfect for any space in your home, and can match any theme. 

If you have enjoyed this DIY project, feel free, and check out my other DIY tray projects below.

Decorative Kitchen Tray.- Build, and Decorate

DIY Autumn Tray

I'll see you soon! 


Dollar Tree Craft.- DIY Autumn Truck Decoration.


I recently took a trip down to my local Dollar Tree, and I was excited to find a few more fall decorations in the store. They already started putting up some Christmas decorations, so finding these items put a smile on my face. 

I created this cute fall truck decoration that can you can easily add to your current fall decor, or use with a theme. For this project you only need a few materials. If you're ready, let's create this fall truck! 

Materials needed for this project

one truck plaque
 four wooden mini pallets
 LED pumpkin lights
 Fall leaves, and other fall assorted decorations. -Pinecones, acorns, and mini pumpkins. 
 You will need hot glue, and paint. I used red, and black paint for my truck. 
**Optional, but very useful** Include two craft clothespins. This will help with keep your truck balanced when glued to the back of the pallet box we will be creating. 

This DIY project costs around $7

Start by taking your truck plaque, and applying your paint. Once you have done this, set it aside and allow it to dry. Next, take your four wooden pallets, and apply paint on each one. You can paint the front and back, or you can just apply the paint to the front side.

Once you have added your paint onto your truck, and your pallets, take your pallets, and hot glue, and glue them together. Lay one pallet flat, and apply hot glue to one side. Add one pallet standing up, and continue this until you form a square. You will have one side without a pallet. The side without the opening will be glued up against the  back side of the truck.

Once you have glued your pallets together, attach the side with the opening to the back side of the truck.   As I mentioned earlier take your two craft clothespins, and attach them to the back of your  pallet. You will glue them to the bottom of the pallet box. This will help keep your truck balanced, and help it from leaning, or tipping backwards. 

Once you have done this you can now add your fall assorted leaves, pumpkins, and flowers. 
Once you have added your fall decorations to your truck bed, you can now add in your LED lights. If you are unable to find these pumpkin lights, any mini lights will do for this project. 
You're all done! Be sure to add this to any space, and enjoy!

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you have enjoyed this craft, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.