DIY Valentine Wooden Heart Riser.


Be sure to check out the video tutorial below

Hi everyone! I'd love if you created this simple Valentine heart wood riser with me. 

Materials needed

One Wooden heart 
(Target Dollar aisle)

Three large wooden beads

Diamond Gem wrap
(Purchased at the Dollar Tree. Sticky backing)

Paint brush

(I'm using a light pink)


Faux Flowers


(E6000, Any will work)

Hot Glue

Start with taking your wooden heart, and applying pink paint to the front surface. It is entirely up to you, but you can also apply paint to the bottom side of your wooden heart. 

 You will need around two coats of paint when you are completely finished. Once you have applied all coats of the paint, set your wooden heart aside, and allow it to dry.

Next, take your three large beads, and apply some white paint to each of them.  Set them aside, and allow to to dry.

Once your three large beads are dry, flip your wooden heart over, and take your adhesive, and attach all three beads to the bottom side of the wooden heart. Two on the upper section, and one down on the lower end of the heart. 

You're now ready to add on your gem wrap. I picked my gems up at my local dollar tree, and they actually had a variety of different colors.  I chose to go with diamond gems. 

Start with cutting sections of your gem wrap. After cutting sections off, remove the paper backing off the back side of the gems. 

Once the paper backing is off, gently press the gems down, and around the front section of the wooden heart. You will form the shape of the heart with your gems, as you apply them around the heart.

After adding your gem wrap, you can now start to add your faux flowers to your wooden heart. Take your scissors, or wire cutters, and cut sections of your leaves, and flowers apart. 

Using a hot glue gun, add your leaves, and flowers to the bottom section of your wooden heart. 

You're all finished. Adding your flowers, and leaves to the heart is the last step to complete this project. 

You can add a small potted plant, and a glass jar with an LED candle. It is simple, and so pretty when displayed. I hope that you have enjoyed this simple DIY project. 


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