Quick and easy repurposed cheese board decoration

Hi everyone! I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend. This weekend I went to Target, and shopped in the dollar aisle. I was able to find a pack of two cheese boards for five dollars. I was pretty excited because I had wanted to create a new look for it. 

I decided to create a decoration that could easily be displayed in any room. I had most of my materials on hand, so my total spent on this project was around $7. This craft is quick, and very simple to create. If you're ready we'll begin to create your very own repurposed cheese board decoration.

***Note*** This craft is intended to be used as a decoration piece, and it is not intended for food purposes. The products used are not food grade

Video tutorial

Materials needed

One cheese board-Purchased at Target for $5, a pack of two

Paint-I'm using white acrylic paint

One sponge brush

One paint brush


One Napkin-Purchased one pack at Dollar Tree for $1.25

Paper craft flowers-You can find a variety of paper flowers at any craft store. I  purchased this pack at Hobby Lobby and it was discounted

Hot glue

Start by applying your paint on the front, sides, top, and back side of your cheese board. In between coats of paint, you can use a heat gun to help with drying. I applied two coats of paint, on all surfaces of my wood board using my sponge brush. 

Taking your napkin, begin to cut the section you would like to display on your board. To be sure that it will fit, lay your napkin over your wood board. This way you are able to see exactly where to cut, and how how it will look on the board. 

Begin to cut your napkin. With the napkin being 2 ply, be sure to remove the second bottom layer. Set your napkin aside.

Next, take your paint brush, and begin to apply a thin layer of mod podge onto your wood board. 

Take your napkin, and lay over your wood board, and on top of the mod podge. Using your fingers, gently press the napkin down, and begin to smooth out any lines, and wrinkles that may appear. It's okay if you don't get every single wrinkle out. I used a heat gun to help assist in removing wrinkles, and smoothing the top surface. 

Take  your paint brush, and begin to apply a thin layer of mod podge over your napkin. After, you can take your heat gun on a low setting, and repeat the previous step. 

Next, using your hot glue, begin to add on your paper flowers. I lined three flowers on the bottom of my board, and three on the top right corner. 

Note***If you are wanting to hang your design, just take some twine, and add that to the back of your board using hot glue.

This repurposed craft was so simple to create, and I think it turned out pretty! If you have enjoyed this craft, I would love if you checked out my DIY Spring Mini Wood Riser. Be sure to let me know in the comment section below if you decide to create your very own. 

I'll see you soon.



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