DIY Wood Floral Hanging Decoration

 Hello everyone! I hope that life is treating you all well. I'm excited to share this DIY project with all of you. Today we're working on a wood floral hanging decoration. This project is pretty simple, and I completed it in about 15 minutes. 

Video tutorial


One wood canvas box/panel- 6''x8'' -Purchased at Walmart $2.00

Faux floral

One wood hello decoration- Purchased at Michaels for $1.99

Paint- I'm using white for the canvas box, and a color called Misty pink for the hello decoration. 

Hot glue



Paint brush 

Start by taking your white paint, and applying your paint onto your wood box. When applying the paint you will want to paint the top, sides, inner surface, and bottom of your box. I applied around two coats of paint.

Once you have painted your box, set it aside, and allow it to dry. Next, take your hello wood decoration, and apply paint. I'm using a paint called misty pink, and it is a chalk acrylic paint. Once you have applied your paint, set it aside, and allow it to dry.

Take your floral, and begin to cut your floral so that it can fit on the inside of the wood box. After you have cut your floral, take your hot glue, and begin to add your glue onto the stems of your floral. Add your floral into your box. I added my floral to one end of my box. 

Next, using hot glue, take your hello decoration, and add it onto your box just below your floral. 

After you have added on your hello decoration, flip your wood box over. Take your scissors, and cut a small strand of twine. Using your hot glue, take each end, and glue your twine down onto the back of your wood box. 

Your project is now complete, and ready for you to hang! 

Thank you so much for creating with me! I hope that you enjoyed this simple wood floral hanging decoration. And while you're here, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free, and drop a comment below, and let me know if you'll be creating your very own decoration. I'll see you soon!


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