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Celebrate in Style: DIY Patriotic Napkin Rings

Hey everyone! I hope you're doing well. Today, I want to share an easy DIY project. We're going to make patriotic napkin rings using just a few materials. I usually find extra craft supplies in my craft bins because I often shop craft sales at the stores. I got the wooden stars and rings from my local Hobby Lobby store. The great thing about this project is that it's easy and quick. I'll provide you with a materials list and a step-by-step tutorial.

A display showing napkin, napkin rings and a blue plate near a faux plant

Video tutorial
Celebrate in Style: DIY Patriotic Napkin Rings

Patriotic napkin rings with stars and gems

Gem strips, paint, paintbrush, and wooden stars and rings

Acrylic paint 
Gem strips (I'm using the gem strips from Dollar Tree) 
E6000 or hot glue
 Wooden stars 
Wood rings size 1.89in (4.8cm)

Materials-paint, wooden stars, rings, paintbrush and paint
Start by painting each of your wooden rings and stars. I chose to paint my rings white. Apply the paint to each ring's outer, back, and inner surface. For the stars, I went with red, white and blue.

Gem strips, scissors, wooden rings, and stars

Next, we will attach the gem strips to each ring. Before adding the gem strips, attach each star to a wooden ring using hot glue or E6000.

Hand holding painted star

Wooden rings with stars

Afterward, use your scissors to cut your gem strips. The gem strips I am using have a sticky backing. I removed the paper backing on each strip and attached the gem strips to the outer surface of each ring. Please make sure to remove any remaining strips.

That completes the creation of your patriotic napkin rings. Wasn't that easy? I hope you enjoyed this DIY project.

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  1. These are really cute and extra special with the rhinestones around the ring part. Love them! - Patty

    1. Patty, thank you very much. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this craft.

  2. That is s little extra cuteness that goes the distance. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

  3. Thank you for sharing your cute patriotic napkin rings DIY at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring this post at today's party and pinning too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  4. No way! :) These are so cute, Stephanie, and then I get blown away when I see how you put them together. Super simple. Thanks for sharing this post with us at the Will Blog for Comments #41 linkup. We hope to see you again next time at #42, too. Happy weekend!

    1. Jennifer, thank you! Yes, it's super simple and quick. Maybe you'll try it one day. 😊


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