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Decorate Your Home with a DIY Winter Wooden Snowflake and Bead Garland

Are you looking to add a touch of winter charm to your home decor? I have just the thing for you! Follow my easy tutorial to create a beautiful DIY winter wooden snowflake and bead garland. This garland is perfect for adding a festive and cozy vibe to any room and the best part is it won't break the bank!

Around two weeks ago, I went through my winter craft material that I had packed away in containers. While looking through, I stumbled upon these wooden snowflakes that I had purchased some time back from my local Dollar Tree. I knew I wanted to create a garland using them, but I wasn't sure what to add to the snowflakes except for paint, of course. Eventually, I decided to use some craft gems and a few other materials to put it together. This craft is incredibly easy and perfect for beginners.

Wooden snowflake garland with wooden beads and craft gems

DIY Winter Wooden Snowflake and Bead Garland Video Tutorial

Painted wooden snowflake with craft gem


Wooden snowflakes (I purchased a pack at my local Dollar Tree)
Acrylic paint (I'm using white and a lighter blue)
Faux snow
Craft gems
Wooden beads
Mod Podge

Applying paint to the wooden snowflakes

To make a winter wooden snowflake and bead garland decoration, start by painting your wooden snowflakes with acrylic paint. I used six snowflakes for my garland and painted three of them white. For the other three, I mixed the two colors together. Allow the snowflakes to dry completely.

Two wooden snowflakes and acrylic paint

Adding craft gems to snowflakes

After that, add craft gems to each snowflake using adhesive. I added some light, and dark blue gems that I found hidden in my craft bin. 

Painted wooden snowflakes, craft gems, and adhesive

Adding Mod Podge and faux snow

Next, use a paintbrush to apply Mod Podge to the ends of a few snowflakes. Then, sprinkle faux snow over the Mod Podge on the snowflakes.
Painted wooden snowflakes, mod podge, and faux snow

Adding beads and snowflakes to twine

Take the twine and add wooden beads and snowflakes. Alternate between a bead and a snowflake until all beads and snowflakes have been added to the twine. To keep the snowflakes from flipping over, add a small amount of hot glue to the back of each snowflake and press the twine down on it.
painted wooden snowflakes, beads, and twine.
That's it! Your winter wooden snowflake and bead garland decoration is complete. Let me know if you decide to make one! Thank you for reading.

Wooden painted snowflake garland with beads hanging

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  1. I was just about to say how elegant but Amy beat me to it! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 139. Pinned.

  2. This is cute! I am saving this idea to do with my kiddo!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. These are so pretty! It's this time of the year that I always wish I celebrated Christmas. I would love to decorate my house with these.

  4. These are so pretty, what a great idea for Christmas.

  5. I love this decoration! It's so pretty you could leave it up until spring :)


  6. So simple and cute! I love it. Thanks for sharing this post at the Will Blog for Comments #16 linkup. Come share another post or two at #17 which opens December 4. Have a great week.

    1. Jennifer, thank you. Also thanks for visiting.


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