Dollar Tree Wood Pumpkin Decoration | Easy Fall Décor


Hello! I'm so happy to see that you stopped by and you're ready to create this easy fall decoration with me. For this craft we will be using mod podge and decorative craft paper. I will provide a list of materials used and I will also take you through each step.

Video tutorial 


Mod podge
One wood pumpkin
One wood word sign
Faux succulent flowers and vines
Gold wire
Craft knife
Hot glue
Paint brush

Start by applying paint onto the outlined outer sections of your pumpkin. 

Next, take your second paint color and use your paint brush to apply paint onto the stem of your pumpkin.

Next, take your craft knife and begin to carefully cut out the three shapes on your pumpkin. I found it easy to lay my craft paper on top of my pumpkin and I used my craft knife along the wood surface and gently made my cuts. If you find this to be a little difficult, you can always choose to trace your shapes out.

After, take your paint brush and begin to apply your mod podge onto the wood sections. Take each of your cut outs and add them over the mod podge surfaces. Gently smooth out your paper and apply mod podge over each decorative paper section. I used my blow dryer when smoothing out my paper. I find it very helpful and it helps to smooth out any creases.

Next, take your gold wire and begin to wrap it around the stem on your pumpkin.
Once you have wrapped enough around your stem, take your floral cutters and snip off any of the extra wire. 

You are now ready to add on your succulents and vines. Use your hot glue and apply a little to each flower and vine.  
Add your succulents and vine to your wood pumpkin. I added mine just below my pumpkin stem.

For this last step you will add your second paint color to your wood word sign.  After applying your paint, choose an area on your pumpkin and glue on your wood sign.

Your wood pumpkin decoration is complete. I hope that you have enjoyed this simple craft. Let me know if you decide to create your own soon! I'll see you soon

-Steph ❤


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