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Easy DIY Autumn Floral Centerpiece


Today we're creating this easy Autumn floral centerpiece. This DIY project is under 10 minutes and looks great when you're all done. 

Materials needed for this project

Two Ashland Stem floral bundles
On Sale for $4.99 each
(Purchased at Michaels)

One 13'' Wooden box
On sale, I paid 7.19
(Purchased at Michaels)

Two decoration pumpkins
$1.00 each
(Purchased at the Dollar Tree)

Dry Foam blocks
On sale 3.20
(Purchased at Michaels)

-Eucalyptus plant

Wire Cutters

Start by taking your wooden box, and placing your dry foam blocks on the inside of your box. 
If you want your foam blocks to stay in place you can use adhesive, and glue them to the bottom of the box. I decided to just place my foam blocks on the bottom. 

Next, take your autumn floral, and wire cutters. Cut each stem to the desired size that you want your flowers to be. If you want some of your flowers to be taller, make sure that you only cut just a little of the wire stem off. Once you have taken the time to cut each of your wire stems, you can now begin to place your flowers. Take each stem and insert them through the dry foam. 

You can randomly place your flowers, or you can place the shorter flowers in the front, and the taller ones in the back. 

When placing your flowers on the inside of your box, make sure to leave room for the two pumpkins.
Now you're ready to take your wire cutters and cut a few pieces of your eucalyptus plant. Once you have done this, add in a few pieces of your plant.

Once your flowers and eucalyptus are inside your box, add in your pumpkins. 
Place your pumpkins in the center between your flowers.

Your project is now complete and ready to display. 

A few add-on options for your centerpiece

 Add in some battery-powered LED candles.
Add a bow to the front of your box
Add a thankful, or harvest sign

Video tutorial

I hope that you have enjoyed this simple DIY project. 
I love hearing from all of you. Feel free, and leave a comment just saying hello.
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